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Lincoln Advocacy

"Abraham Lincoln spent much of the 20,517 days he had on this earth squeezing out every drop of possibility and speck of opportunity. Some 160 years later, he still is an example for us all. What will we accomplish? How will we effect change? The answers to these and other important questions of the day, can be illuminated by pondering and
attempting to answer that age-old

What would Lincoln do?" ​​

Dr. Carla Knorowski


Photo by Matthew Brady, January 8, 1864

As former Chief Executive Officer of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation, Dr. Carla Knorowski is a vocal advocate of Lincoln's legacy, speaking with audiences and the media about the history and continued impact of the 16th U.S. President. She has authored, co-authored and edited books, articles, and exhibitions about Abraham Lincoln. All royalties from the sale of Under Lincoln's Hat and Gettysburg Replies will benefit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation and museum.


Under Lincoln’s Hat:
100 Objects that Tell the Story of His Life and Legacy


Authors Carla Knorowski and James Cornelius selected 100 objects to tell the story of Abraham Lincoln in a new and unexpected way. Under Lincoln’s Hat is the result of the exhaustive process to unlock the mystery of the sixteenth president of the United States. The objects contained within the book form an ever clearer picture of the deeply complex yet extraordinarily simple and down-to-earth man who, from a very young age, understood, or at least hoped, that he was destined for greatness. (To purchase a signed copy, please contact

Under Lincoln’s Hat illuminates the life of our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln, in the most personal of ways through storytelling and imagery as only the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and its vast collections can do. It is a must-read for Lincoln lovers. 

Doris Kearns Goodwin, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian

gettysburg replie

Gettysburg Replies:

The World Responds to Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

A compilation of masterful essays from presidents, political leaders, judges, historians, filmmakers, poets, actors, students, and other people from all walks of life, to craft 272 words of their own to celebrate Lincoln and his own, 272 word Gettysburg Address which some consider his greatest speech—perhaps the greatest of all American speeches. Essayists could write about Lincoln, the Address or a topic of importance which stirs their passions.


In his essay, President Jimmy Carter reveals how the Gettysburg Address helped bring Egypt and Israel closer to signing the Camp David Peace Accords; in hers, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor reflects on Lincoln’s dedication to the importance of civic education. And in his, Colin Powell explains how Martin Luther King, Jr. took up Lincoln’s mantle and carried it forward. 100 essayists create a lasting tribute not only to Lincoln himself but also to his devotion to our great nation. (To purchase a signed copy, please contact

In 272 words, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address extolled the soldiers who had given the last full measure of devotion that the nation might live and experience a new birth of freedom. In the same number of words, the authors of these eloquent essays likewise reflect on the meaning of America and on the dedication and sacrifice of those who have made us what we are today.

James M. McPherson, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian

The Gettysburg Address is the most famous and almost certainly the greatest

speech ever made by an American president. These reflections can only go to deepen our appreciation for the elegance of the words and unique leadership

they reflect.

​Scott Turow, Best-selling author

Intim Port.jpg

Lincoln: An Intimate Portrait


To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, Life editors compiled a collection of photos, excerpts from his speeches and private letters reviewed and analyzed by noted historians to bring a greater understanding of the 16th president. The book highlights photos, speeches, documents and artifacts that help the reader come to know Abraham Lincoln much more intimately including an essay by Carla Knorowski.

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